Glacier Point Self

The Short 

Charly Louise is a highly motivated, versatile Creative Producer who brings together the mediums of writing, film and photography to explore emotionally driven content that pushes boundaries, shifts perspectives and opens the door to new conversations surrounding identity. 

The Long

As a young girl my parents would jokingly tell people that I was supposed to be a boy. Growing up a female with a masculine title, I was met with much ambivalence causing me to grow accustomed to rejection. Feeling like an outsider, I was unable to relate to other girls and guys my age, so instead I sought an outlet of self-expression. Having been raised at the cinema it was only natural that I would pursue acting, especially since it provided an opportunity to embody a new character.

After spending years pursuing an acting career, the word “no” had completely lost all meaning. Slightly burnt out and unsure of my future I decided to get a degree in communications. However in college I found myself spending all my free time capturing life behind the lens. While assisting on a film set, I came to the realization that my passion for acting did not stem from playing a particular character but rather from the opportunity to tell a story.

Transferring colleges, I moved South to complete my B.F.A in Film and Television from Savannah College of Art and Design. Nowadays I have found an outlet of self-expression as a Creative Producer where I am able to combine my talents in writing, film and photography to generate influential content that lingers long after the audience has stopped engaging. 

If you are interested in seeing more, check out my producer's reel or view my current projects.