To Create is to Produce

When I was a young girl I wrote a letter to Halle Berry, my hometown hero, asking her advice on how to become an actress. After a decade of immersing myself in the world of acting I was burnt out and was severely lacking in passion. While studying communications in college I found myself devoting most of my efforts towards life behind the lens. As the school year came to an end, I realized that it was not acting which enamored me but rather it was the art of storytelling. Transferring schools, I decided to pursue a career as a filmmaker. 

While attending Savannah College of Art and Design, I discovered a way to combine my talents as a writer, photographer, travel agent, actor and entrepreneur to better serve me as a film producer. Being a producer is a uniquely collaborative, immersive and integral part of the film process. It is a position that frequently challenges my ability to make well-informed decisions, to remain calm under pressure and to keep the big picture in mind. Because I am a diplomatic problem solver, I seek ways to resolve conflict quickly using the resources at hand to ensure a successful production. Whether producing a drama, comedy, commercial or documentary, I believe in developing an authentic voice to generate meaningful connections with a transcendent audience. 

Too often are we each confronted with mental, emotional and physical pain with no outlet of self-expression. By sharing stories that center on real life characters and issues I hope to remind people that no one is alone in their struggles. In the medium of film I desire to engage people in a way that pushes boundaries, twist perspectives and creates impactful content that lingers long after they have stopped watching.

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Current Projects

Ben Tucker Documentary Poster

The Smile of Sweet Thunder

Synopsis: Our story aims to preserve the legacy and values of world class jazz musician, entrepreneur and civic leader Ben Tucker whose transcendent influence has helped to transform lives and bridge gaps in the Savannah community. 

Category: Feature Length Documentary surround Jazz and Community

Role: Executive Producer & Co-Director

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Little Elegy

Synopsis: A short film about a young girl named Lily who witnesses the death of a pig while spending the summer at her Grandparents' farm. 

Category: Poetic Experimental Short

Role: Creative Producer 

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